Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Goodsons are BUSY

So sorry if you've been checking in on us. It is certainly not that we don't have lots going on to report. We just don't have time to stop and actually report it! Life has been a whirlwind since Key got out to school. Andy had swim lessons for two weeks and then we went to visit relatives in Hartsville and Camden. Key celebrated his 6th birthday on Saturday with a big Spiderman party. And now we are getting packed for our month long visit to Venice! We'll see you soon Florida friends. :) As soon as we return from Florida (assuming we survive the heat) the boys will be in Zoo Camp for a week and then Key will have Art Camp the following week. That will give us one week to get ready for school to start. Key is looking forward to being a 1st grader and Andy is excited to be a Furman boy. Oh, and we will celebrate Natalie's THIRD birthday in FL. She does NOT want a cake, only 'roni pizza.