Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Crafty Again

I can't get the picture to move so I'll show you this first! Here is my version of a Christmas card holder. Yes, if you are a good friend, I could be letting the cat out of the bag too soon. Try and act surprised, okay?

This is the tree skirt I gave my mom at Thanksgiving. I almost added a picture of it with my quilt. Then I realized mom would see it even sooner than Thanksgiving. :) So, now that it is safely under her tree, I can share it with all of you. Mom, you HAVE put up the tree, right?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tumbling Block Quilt

It is almost finished.....and it only took about 15 years! Aunt Peggy gave me the fabric, book, thread, needles, etc to make this quilt when I graduated from college in 1992. Partially in my defense, I hand quilted it. But, I did finish that at least 7 years ago, because the top was done before we had children. I had planned to hand quilt it as well, but since having three kids I have learned that my spare time is severely restricted. So, I had it machine quilted and am thrilled that it is almost complete! I have to bind it and then I'll decide whether to hang it on the wall or use it on the bed.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Second Camping Trip

We did it again! We went camping on Friday night. It was a beautiful day to camp. The weather was so nice and we enjoyed the beautiful leaves, especially the maples. Robbie set up the tents and the kids played at the playground nearby. We were camping in a group area at the local state park. Our Church rented it for the night so we could all hang out. We got a nice campfire going and others showed up. We had yummy tinfoil dinners. Eating outside is always fun. We also had smores and hot chocolate. As long as you were by the fire you couldn't have asked for a better place to be. However, once you got ten feet from the fire, it started getting COLD. It was definitely a good thing to be wearing fuzzy footie pajamas on this campout! I had wisely invested in a double decker air mattress earlier in the day. I am thinking I wouldn't have survived without it. Natalie had insisted on the cute princess sleeping bag, which is probably best used inside the house. She got cold right away and ended up with dad in his bag. He didn't sleep much after that. I didn't sleep either because I was absolutely freezing!!!!! It got down to about 35 degrees up there in the mountains. BRRRRRR! I'd chosen mummy bags for the boys and they were grateful. They said they weren't cold at all, which is hard to believe! (It is probably a good thing we only took one vehicle. Because about 3am I am pretty sure I would have bolted if I'd had a way to leave!)
When we did get up our friends had set up an omelet buffet and we boiled them in ziplock bags. Really cool and they sure hit the spot.
So, now we have survived beach camping and mountain camping. Bring it on, the Goodsons can handle anything! :) (.....except the realllllly cold stuff!)