Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lisa's Latest 5K

I now have followers! Ah, that is so exciting!!! :) Since I know one of my followers is also a runner I wanted to add that I finished a 5K recently with a time of 35:05. It isn't my best time but I was very happy with it. For starters, it was approximately 27 degrees when the race started. After standing in the cold for at least half an hour I was THIS close to calling it quits before the starting gun! But I thought of all those ladies in my Zumba class at the Y and how I knew they would ask about the race, so I stayed. Then, I took off way too fast for me. I always do that! Grrrr... I was trying to stay with the pack, and I was NOT in 'pack shape'! So my first mile was 10:27 but my lungs were so not happy with this pace. I finally settled down and got into a reasonable rhythm. I even got warm about 2.5 miles in and took off my hoodie.

So, a big thanks to all those who pulled for me and for those who, in my mind that day, cheered me on. Kelly, you are at the top of the list. I have stuck with running because of YOU! You are a true inspiration to me, in many ways. (Kelly helped - pushed/dragged - me to my best 5K ever back in November. My time was 33:24!)

The Recital

Today was the BIG day. Natalie had her ballet recital. She was so excited to get all dressed up in her ballet suit again. It has been pretty cold lately so she has been wearing her pink sweatsuit and slippers. Today was sunny and kinda warm so she was all dressed up. The teacher asked them all to tell their names. Natalie was the only one to include all three of her names, "Natalie Caroline Goodson" she said. We were all there to see her shine. Robbie had the day off work and the boys came along because we forced them to. :) A little girl was leaving the Y as we were going in and she stopped and looked at Natalie and exclaimed, "That girl is a PRINCESS!" Natalie just BEAMED! Oh, she is alllllll girl, I tell ya!