Saturday, November 28, 2009

I love my cats. We got new kittens a few months ago and I am just in love with these furry little things. I've always loved cats. I grew up on a farm and we had tons of outside/barn cats. I would pick out a favorite and sneak it in every once in a while. Nothing like a purring cat on your lap or curled up at the foot of your bed.

Our latest additions are Cindy Lou Who and Sir Smoky. I swore I wasn't going to get a female cat. Nor was I going to get a long haired cat. Well, guess what Cindy is! She melted my heart sitting in her little Humane Society cage. She wouldn't take her eyes off me, and I couldn't take my eyes off her. Even while my brain was screaming, "Don't do it! Cat hair will be EVERYWHERE!" Didn't matter, she was mine. Well, technically, she was Natalie's - which leads us to call her 'Poor Cindy' most of the time. Because 'Poor Cindy' gets dragged around on Nat's shoulder all day long. When 'Poor Cindy' is located she is immediately hoisted to Nat's shoulder and is expected to remain draped across it while Natalie does whatever it is that she does. 'Poor Cindy' is routinely woken from naps, pulled from under beds, picked up while eating, and she does it with hardly a complaint. She flops over that little shoulder and endures the ride she is taken on. Cindy is also the rare cat that is facinated with water. As soon as the shower comes on she is THERE. She likes to stick her paws in and bat at the water. And she usually sits on the edge and lets her tail fall in, leading to a soggy tail dripping on the bathroom floor. She is also a very good foot chaser. If she sees the slightest movement under the covers she will pounce and 'kill' the foot underneath, even in the pitch black of night.

Her brother is Sir Smoky. His full name would be Sir Smoky Poops A Lot. But we just call him Smoky. He is a very short haired cat, which kinda makes up for the long haired Cindy! He is white and smoky grey. He has big curious eyes and feels the need to walk when you pet him. He likes to pace back and forth across you and block the TV as much as possible. He loves to play and drags his toy mouse around. His favorite was the mouse with the bell but Daisy destroyed it. This is a happy blog entry so we shall refrain from speaking about Daisy. Smoky will get a new bell mouse for Christmas. (Take THAT Daisy!)

Smoky and Cindy love each other, which makes me so happy. Our other cat pair did not like each other at all and it was so hard to deal with. One had to be on my side of the bed and one on Robbie's or a huge catfight broke out. So to see my happy kittens all snuggled up or playing happily together is such a treat! I'm still not used to seeing cats who like each other.

So, there you have it, our newest family members. They are growing so fast and look like full grown cats already. But you can tell they are kittens by how much they play. I am so glad we finally got them.