Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm hardly fashion conscious but I have noticed a winter trend - SCARVES. Cute, cute, cute scarves. Which are also quite utilitarian right now because it is beyond cold this winter. But there is a problem with all these cute, colorful scarves. Well, I shouldn't blame the scarves. Really, it's just my problem. I can't wear the things! I am just not scarf material. There doesn't appear to be a body type that can't 'do' scarves. I've seen them on just about every body type. So it must be a mental block at work here. First off, I think I'd suffocate having that thing wrapped around my neck all day. Secondly, I'd be fiddling with it constantly which would be distracting to me and everyone else. Third, I think I'd look as if I tried tying a sofa cushion around my throat and left the house like that. I'm not too bummed about this mental inability to carry a fashion trend. I'm so rarely dressed to impress that it barely matters. But I do love seeing all of you wearing those scarves. You look GREAT!