Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet Chin Chin

We've added to the madness here at the Goodson zoo. Please help us welcome our newest member, Chin Chin. He (she?) already had that name when we adopted him/her so it is subject to change. The boys have been trying out different names but none have stuck so for now he/she is still Chin Chin.

It all started when we found out that Petco would take our sucker fish back. Andy had asked for an aquarium for his 4th birthday in February. He got a 2" sucker fish to help keep the tank clean. That sucker fish is now at least 8" long! He had completely outgrown our tank. I was pleasantly surprised that Andy was okay with taking him back. So, we scooped him up and put him in a big ziplock and returned him to Petco. I was feeling pretty good about the visit on our way out.

We didn't make it out alone though. Right before we got to the door, there was Chin Chin. A FREE dwarf Chinese hamster. Did I mention FREE? He was ours for FREE! Well, if you overlook the fact that he needed a cage and food and an igloo to sleep in and lots of soft bedding to climb around on.

And we've actually figured out why Chin Chin was free. I bet it is because he BITES! I've been nipped. Robbie has been bitten. Twice. Makes you think before you grab him up for some out of the cage time, that's for sure!

Andy was ecstatic to have him. So much so that he has promised not to bug us for a snake now. We'll see how long that lasts.


DarkenedPoems said...

Awww Chin Chin is so cute. It is cool that someone good is taking care of Chin Chin.

Amy Anne said...

Chin Chin is adorable! When we got our hamster he was a bitter too. You just have to let them get used to you. Also, never try to pick them up when they're eyes aren't fully opened or of course when they're eating. I hope y'all enjoy the hamster as much as we enjoy ours.

Natalie said...

What a cute hamster! The pictures make him/her look so innocent :)
We will have to come over and visit the little critter!

Hillrichs Family said...

LOLOL....we have a "no rodent" policy in our family but we will see how long that lasts as the boys get older. Welcome Chin Chin!