Monday, January 19, 2009


We just returned from a week in paradise. Oh, it was really heaven sent! For the first time since we became parents we left them behind and ventured off alone. For one week we didn't break up arguments, strap little people into car seats, stuff tiny feet into pj's, get anyone a juicy, put bows in anyone's hair or say a little too loudly, "BECAUSE I TOLD YOU SO!" That alone was worth the trip. Of course, by Wednesday we missed them like crazy. :)

Our friends Billy and Kristen invited us on this vacation, but the real people who made it happen are Uncle Jim and Aunt Peggy. J and P, if you are reading this, we can't thank you enough for what you did, what you even VOLUNTEERED to do, for us. Your generosity for our family will never be forgotten.

Okay, now to Aruba! We got there on Saturday afternoon. We were supposed to pick up a jeep but it wasn't ready yet so we took a car til the next day. Thankfully we did get the jeep because we headed out to the windward side of the island to explore. Made it to the Natural Bridge and the Natural Pool. Since 99.9% of those who visit Aruba never get to the Natural Pool, this was a big accomplishment. Just finding the right dirt road to take you there is an amazing thing. Arubians don't like street signs, or putting things on maps. Once we did start out for the pool it was easy to figure out why no one goes there. The ride was indescribably bumpy. I can't believe we actually made it the whole way in. The trails are not marked and are barely passable by 4x4 jeeps. I truly thought we were going to flip over a few times. Anyway, we made it and took a dip on the pool. Very cool experience, made even cooler by the trouble it took to find and navigate.

The next day we stayed by the pool and beach all day, just lounging and reading. I finished 5 books while we were there. LOVE that! Went out to dinner that night and the jeep died. Really, it just died! We hailed a cab and got a new jeep at the airport. The new jeep came with a clause that it was absolutely, positively NOT to be taken to the Natural Pool. The pool was also not even listed on the map that came with the jeep.

Wednesday was another exploring day. We found the caves and learned about them. We climbed Casibari rock. We snorkeled Baby Beach. We found a really cool snack shack and got delicious smoothies!

Thursday we snorkeled off a catamaran. Read some more by the pool and beach.

Friday I had a Swedish massage. Looked forward to it all week, by design.

The food in Aruba is delicious! We had Cuban at Cuba's Cookin' for Billy's birthday. Really neat place with a live band and interesting paintings all around. Too bad they were all out of Death By Chocolate, Billy!

We had dinner at El Gaucho, an Argentine Steakhouse. That was the best steak I have ever eaten in my life! I ate everything on my plate! The plantains were so good.

We went back to the smoothie shack for a platter one night. It had a bit of everything on it. Steak/chicken/fish over rice with a salad, yucca, plantains, bowtie pasta, french fries and a salad!

And we had Italian at Gianni's which was also just amazingly good. (I don't dare hop on the scales til I've hit the gym a few times!)

Anyway, it was a great trip! We are thinking Barbados for next year.

In case I can't get the pictures to post, you can visit them at


Natalie said...

It sounds like you had a ball! I am definitely going to have to go there some day. I can't believe with all the things you did that you had time to read 5 books! Good job!

missty said...

Incredible!! I want to go!! I just saw a commercial for that hotel. Is it an all inclusive resort? Matt and I said we wanted to look in to them. Never had heard of them before. Love the photos. And while I was bored waiting for blog updates, your playing in Aruba!! lol

TronWife said...

Sounds like a great trip-I want a real vacation!!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Sounds divine!!!! You deserve a little getaway now and then! I'm so glad you were able to go. What books did you read????

Hillrichs Family said...

Looks like a great time Lisa!! So glad you guys got away sans kiddos. It is good for you AND the kids, I think :o) Loved seeing all the photos. I haven't been on the blog world in some time....I got sucked into Facebook but I'm determined to pick back up on blogging!!