Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kindergarten - The First Day

I left early to be near the front of the car line. I was excited to hear all of the wonderful things Andy experienced today. Here's the earful:

Andy arrived at the minivan in tears. A kid in his class (or not, this remains unclear) said he had a small head and big eyes. Or was it a big head and small eyes? Either way, it was a definite insult. Another kid overheard the insult being flung and told the teacher. Unfortunately, it was too late for the kid to move his pin. The next encounter with this kid will have Andy saying, "I would rather be ugly than rude like you."

Key told Andy (not while I was listening) that there was a volcano on the kindergarteners playground. Andy found that this was not true after searching every square inch. He was sorely disappointed. He also complained that there were way too many kids on this playground. "It was like somebody kicked an antpile and a bunch of kids came climbing out," a disgusted Andy reported.

Lunch, which seemed straightforward enough, was a bust. Andy was given two breads, a meat and a slice of cheese. "Was that supposed to be a hamburger?" he asked. He dropped this 'quasi' hamburger on the cafeteria floor but it did not fall apart and he was able to eat it. (gag!)

His milk was in a strange little box and tasted horrible.

He did not get fries. I pressed him on this because they were definitely on the menu. Key asked if he got those 'white round things with smiley faces'. Yes, he did get those. Well, Key explained, those were the fries. "Well, those things were horrible. I have never seen a fry like that in my whole life." (Have we not exposed him to enough?)

At least he recognized and appreciated the 'soft' chocolate chip cookie. There's somethin'!

He explained that he had 'a million of things' in his backpack and he had to bring it home everyday and he had to take it back to school the next day. He is fairly certain that that will never happen. He can't figure any of this stuff out! We discovered his folder in his backpack and found his homework sheet. He is supposed to take a picture of himself as a baby tomorrow and draw a picture of something he learned. One large and one small stick figure are gonna have to do on that part. I am not going to start helping with homework on the very first day ever! But we did find a cute picture of him in his yellow giraffe suit. Somedays I wonder if it weren't easier back then. Thankfully, back then, I didn't realize I would every say that.


Missty said...

I love it! Sounds like a few of our first days when the boys were younger. And as far as school lunches - my boys would NEVER eat them. I always had to pack lunches. Even through high school - gross food.

Love the volcano story! LOL

Guymons said...

Melanee has a soccer game at South Carolina state in that anywhere near you?

The Crazy Coxes said...

This is precious!!!

I think that even with a big head and small eyes OR a small head and big eyes, he is beautiful.

Here school lunches are dismally disappointing. The boys take their lunch or better yet - take a $5 and leave campus....not an option for elementary school ;)

School can be soooo traumatic!

Ryan and Tonya said...

Oh my! Nathan will go to his first day of Kindergarten next week. I can't wait to hear the stories. Nathan just turned 5 yesterday and he is still in denial. I woke him up singing happy birthday. He sat on his bed pouting. I asked him why he was sad and discovered it is because he wants to stay 4 forever!

Lyna said...

Your stories are always so funny.... I love you family

KelliSue Kolz said...

I'm chuckling at his horrific lunch experience. They serve the smiley face fries at school here too. My 11 year old was telling me he was glad that we just cut up potatoes to make french fries, because the smiley face ones creep him out. HA.

Your son is quite a thinker! It was fun to read of his experiences.