Saturday, January 15, 2011

Next Up - Thomas Key

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Now, on to another child of mine. Tonight I think I'll talk about the oldest, Mr. Thomas Key. Key is now an eight year old third grader, which seems impossible. But, on the other hand, I can't really remember life without him, either. Robbie and I had been married for almost nine years when we became parents, through the modern miracle of IVF (in vitro fertilization). We are eternally grateful for the miracle that Key truly is to us.

Key has always been an easy child. For the first year or so of his life he slept approximately 23.5 hours a day. He was like one of those baby dolls that close their eyes when you lay them down. If you ever needed a break all you'd have to do is lay him down. He'd close his eyes and nap for hours. I went from working full time to staring at a sleeping baby full time. I've actually never slept so much in my life as I did when Key was an infant. I didn't really understand that this wasn't normal at the time. (Andy changed all that, don't be too mad at me.)

Key is always on the look out for the big payday. He always has a money angle on his ideas and plans. He can instantly think up a really good reason for his brother or sister to part with their money, and give it to him. He is quite convincing, and usually takes their allowance, until we inquire and make him give it back. He sets up stores and sells his wares all the time. He behaves at school so that he'll earn 'Gator bucks' and then buys things he knows Andy or Nat will like so he can convert the Gator bucks into cold, hard cash. In short, the boy could sell ice to an Eskimo!

Which leads to the dilemma of school. School takes up way too much of Key's day. How is he supposed to be out there earning a living while he is trapped at school? He is convinced he could make it on his own right here, right now. If only his parents didn't insist on wasting his time at school.

He heard about stocks and asked us a million questions about how they work. He asked if he bought some shares of Walmart, thus becoming part owner, if they would give him a discount.

We feel that Key has sufficient motivation to either be a multi-millionaire by the time he reaches age 25 - OR - he'll be in jail! Our goal in life, for Key, is to steer him in the right way to make a buck.

Key is also loathe to spend his own money, of which he has a lot. He has a lot because he rarely ever parts with any of it. In fact, he hounded me until I took him to the local bank and opened a savings account in his name. He funnels every dime into that account and then claims, in the middle of Walmart, that he has no money on him and asks if we can spot him. Knowing full well he won't ever pay you back!

Key is also a gadget man. He craves the latest and greatest the world has to offer electronically. He owns a Nintendo DSI-XL, a Wii and a spy watch. Oh, and with his Toys R Us gift card he bought a Paper Jamz electric guitar. (I had to spot him the money for the neck strap. I'll never see that $6 again!) For Christmas this year he begged for an iPhone. No, not kidding, he wanted an iPhone. He did not receive one, much to his dismay. He is still relentlessly begging for one though. (Not happening!)

Key is also a talented artist. From the earliest time he could pick up a crayon, he has impressed us with his ability to draw. We've rarely seen one of his drawings and asked, "What's that?" He's been featured in the local paper and enjoys after school art lessons.

One plan for his future career is to be a Navy pilot. He chose this profession because the Navy will feed you, house you and provide you clothes to wear. Due to his inability to spend his own money, he feels this will suit him well.

Key is quick to say 'Thank You'. He is always the one to mention how grateful he is to us for taking him somewhere, or buying him something.

We couldn't be more grateful for such a wonderful son!! Bubby, we sure do love you!!!


Rachel said...

He sounds absolutely delightful. Maybe someday he will be a millionaire he seems to have it in him.

Counter Height Dining Table said...

I'm so interested in your article. Love it very informative.

Nancy said...

He is much like his Papa.

Leah said...

He sounds like a great kid who is very gifted with many talents!

Beadles said...

Gosh he sounds like a young Ryan. His brother and sister (and their friends) were always going to him for loans - for which he always charged interest! And don't get me started on the iphone! He did end up with an ipad for Christmas next up - the iphone as soon as Verizon is set to sell them!!! (for anyone that doesn't know Ryan is my 31 year old husband).

Marilee said...

Lisa, I love your kids! I can't wait to see exactly how Key turns out. Maybe he'll make millions by the time he is 25 so he can spend the rest of his life creating art!

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

How fun it will be for your son to look back on what you wrote about him in the future.

Liz said...

What a great kid he sounds like!

Natalie said...

Key is a gem! The next time I need a few bucks I know where to go ;) I am absolutely positive Key is going to make his millions and be a fantastic guy all along the way :)

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