Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Girls Day Out

We had a Girls Day today. The boys went with dad to swim and canoe at Table Rock. Natalie was feeling a bit left out. Then she remembered me telling her that when the boys went away for camping, scouting, etc. we'd have a girls only day. So she asked if today qualified and I thought it probably did.

I had the idea of making a small quilt for one of her baby dolls. But before I gave her my idea she said, "I want to get my ears pierced today!" Wow, didn't see that coming. We've asked her about getting her ears pierced before and she was vehemently opposed. She must have been thinking it over. Or maybe you just get braver once you turn 6 years old, which she did this month. Or perhaps rising first graders are just more brave than kindergarteners. Whatever the reason, she was ready today.

We hit the mall and the Piercing Pagoda lickety split. We looked at every single pair of earrings available and I thought the pink 'diamonds' would be perfect. She thought the pink hearts filled the bill. So, pink hearts it is! I was a little hesitant to pay the lady before the earrings were actually in her ears but that seemed to be the way it is done. Natalie didn't hesitate when it came time to hop in the chair, though. She sat through the alcohol wipes and the dot placement. Then she watched the gun and on the count of three she had one earring in place. There was a few seconds delay and a tiny, "Ouch!" but she sat still and now has a matching earring in the other ear.

We celebrated with a chocolate chip cookie because she did so well. Or, from my point of view, the cookie filled up her hands and she couldn't twirl her new earrings around.

You are a brave and beautiful girl, Natalie! I loved spending time with you today.

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Beadles said...

Good for Natalie. I think it is so wise to wait until they ask you. Check out my blog I have pics posted of our Sandburg outing.