Sunday, April 22, 2012

No Shampoo for You

I have been wanting to resurrect the ole blog for a long time now. I have three thousand posts swimming in my brain that need to get out and see the light of day...or black and white of print, however that works best. But TIME. Time is so hard to come by right now. I need to prioritize and make the time. I know it can be done!

For now, I am going to ask a favor. If you read my blog, or used to read my blog, and you aren't already bombarded with my Facebook requests, will you please go and vote for me?

You can find me at My video is called No Shampoo for You. I am currently in third place with 342 votes. I'd love nothing more than to top the 400 vote count by the end of the week. The first and second place ladies are both above 500, so I am not so sure I can catch them, but the vote count is only half of the way way to victory. You have to be funny as well. And the lady in first place is sorely lacking in funny. Me? I've got funny, I just lack in votes. :) What I am trying to say is, as long as I can keep my vote count up, I have a shot at this thing.

There are two grand prizes, a cruise to the Western Carribean. But my sights are on a contact at Deseret Book, a publishing company. I have a book in mind and I'd love to have someone to pitch it to one day.

So, I am back. I hope to commit more time to writing soon. Thanks for voting!

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*Jess* said...

Hi! I still read your blog! :)