Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Rental

We are living in a rental house right now.  It is awsome.  No, that isn't my usual sarcasm.  I mean it, I love this house, for many different reasons.  First off, it isn't mine.  Yes, homeownership is great and I am sure we won't be here all that long in the grand scheme of things, but I am loving it for all it is worth.  So, when a kid bangs into the wall and leaves a tiny mark, I don't freak out and start wondering how I will be able to match paint colors.  My blood pressure stays constant. 

This house isn't for sale.  Big deal!  Before 'the rental' we lived in a house that was for sale for FOUR FREAKIN YEARS.  We could not leave without every bed being made, every towel on every towel rack lined up perfectly and every dang fork out of the sink.  Here?  Nobody is going to be able to come in here and look around.  HUGE.  You just can't imagine the pressure that takes off me.

This house is all on one level, if you don't count the basement room I never go in.  I am loving the old ranch style of this house.  No stairs to climb to get to bed.  No laundry to haul up, and then back down, and then back up, and then back down.  And, even knowing how cool one level is, I bet we will build a two story home.  Why can't we learn?

The floors are old here.  They have mysterious spots and stains (all hardwood, I wouldn't survive stained carpet!) that I don't have to deal with.  Mop and move on.  This isn't a permanent situation and those spots are FINE.  Really.  And since I don't know who caused the stain or spot I don't have to get mad at that person everytime I try and fail to remove it!  I know that sounds a bit over the top but floors are a big deal to me.  The old, fancy house had gleaming floors.  They had to stay gleaming, all the time.  I swept and mopped those floors all. the. time.  As soon as you'd have one room all good to go another room would fall apart on you.  Which leads to my next point.

This house is a great size!  Our old house was wayyyyy too big.  Way!  This house is so much more managable!  We downsized in a big way before moving here so now we can actually fill up the rooms we have.  No more cavernous spaces with nothing in them.  I love that!  And that is all I care to deal with, quite frankly.  Formal dining room, poof!  Gone for good!

If it breaks, I get to call the property management company and have it fixed.  It?  Whatever!  'It' could be the roof ($$$) or a slow draining tub.  Not my problem!  :) 

Throw in that we are adjacent to the best part of Greenville - The Swamp Rabbit Trail - and I am just thrilled to be here right now.

Maybe we should rent for a few more years, just to make up our minds about what we should do.  I am so happy here!!!!

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