Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Dentist

Natalie had her teeth cleaned for the first time today. She did really well! I was impressed at how calm she remained. I think she was younger than either of the boys when they went for the first time. The boys had thiers cleaned today too. After we left the dentist office we hit the Party Store for birthday supplies. Key is having a Spiderman party and Natalie decided on a Princess party, no surprises there! Then we had lunch at GattiTown. You can ride the merry-go-round for free on Tuesdays!


Natalie said...

You went to Gattitown without us?
hehe just kidding. Natalie looks so cute sitting in that huge chair. What dentist do you take them to?

Hillrichs Family said...

Yay Natalie! My kids LOVE the dentist...the pediatric dentist here makes is a very fun time so to them it's like a playdate, lol.