Saturday, May 3, 2008

Now That's Funny

Coming home from soccer on Thursday (where, by the way, Key scored his first goal EVER!) Key and I had the following conversation:

Key: Where are they hiding?
Me: Who?
Key: Those people.
Me: What people?
Key: Those people that change the lights from green to red. I never see them.

Sitting in line at the Checkers Drive Thru
Andy calls Key a bad name. Robbie asks him to stop doing that. I ask Andy, "Where did you hear that name anyway?" Andy says, "Nowhere. I just thunk it up in my head and said it out my mouth."

A new friend that I've met this year at Key's school asked her daughter, who is also in K5, if she knew Key. She said, "Everybody knows Key Goodson!" Yep, I just bet he has talked the ear off every K5er at Gateway!


missty said...

Too funny!! I love to listen to little ones talk. Actually.... now that I think about it, its not bad, listening to teens talk as well! Even as they get older they just "thunk it up" and it comes out their mouths!! lol

Hillrichs Family said...

Lisa I love it! The things they come up with are hilarious, I just made a similar post on my blog!

Natalie said...

That is so funny. Again, where do they come up with these things? I am thinking Primary because Tanner has been on role this week with funny comments. What are you all teaching them? lol...just kidding