Sunday, October 24, 2010


Do you like being alone? I really enjoy alone time. I lived alone for a while in college and I LOVED it. Every single day of it. I had my share of rotten roommates, but that wasn't it. I just really liked being alone. I used to go out to eat alone and then catch a movie. Felt great!

A couple of years ago I spent my birthday alone and I have to say it was one of my favorite birthdays in memory. I went to a two day seminar in order to renew my Arborist's license in Winston Salem, NC. I dropped off the two little ones with my mom in Gaffney and Robbie and Key batch'ed it here in Greenville. I was on my OWN for a night. Just so happened it was my birthday. Bonus. So I went to check into my cheap-o hotel, because I am cheap-o. BUT, they were overbooked. My immediate thought was that this wasn't going to end well. Well, cheap-o hotel sent me to a VERY nice hotel nearby - FOR FREE. It was an old, renovated factory. My room had really cool brick walls and super high ceilings. My bed was a 4 poster with a nice down comforter. They served warm cookies and milk in the lobby. I walked next door to a fabulous restaurant and spent more than I normally would have because my room was FREE. I got a big slice of cheesecake and brought it back to my room. Ate it in bed and didn't share a crumb with anybody! Ahhh! Happy birthday to me.

Lately, for some reason, I've been picturing a nice, darkened room. It is a hotel with a bed turned down. It looks so comfy. Nice crisp, white sheets. No one is there but me and I can just lay there and not move. No dog that whines in the middle of the night. No cats that jump onto the bed and land on my head at 3am. No snoring husband. No little girl to wake me at 6am on a Saturday morning (but who must be dragged to the shower on a weekday). No alarm clock to wake me. Nothing to have to get up and do.

Don't get me wrong. I love my snoring husband (he doesn't even snore than much anymore!). I also love my princess girl who wakes me up on Saturdays. But the rare chance I get to be alone, or just dream about being alone, is such a treat!


Beadles said...

Recently I had an MRI and I was nervous about it because of the stories I had heard about claustrophobia...but I actually enjoyed it. I was alone, all alone, no one jumping on me, demanding me, talking to me, I was all alone. It was a wonderful 45 minutes.

Marilee said...

I want that alone room too. My brain is not working these days. I read "lemon juice" as "lime juice" and made you drag it to church for nothing. I forgot to pick Eric up for Annalee's big day. And other things I'm sure I've forgotten or messed up, but just haven't dawned on me yet. I'm sure if I had enough alone time in that great room my brain would reset and begin to work again!

Lynn said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I know you love your family, but now and then you do need some alone time. YOur book is going to be awesome when you have your blog printed.

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