Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Time in Florida

I have to confess.  We've been laughing at you.  Yes, you.  We sit around the pool and laugh.  Because you go all wide-eyed on us when we say we are going to Florida for the summer.  You ask us why we would even consider going to FL during the summer months.  You ask as we are surrounded by school aged children.  We go to FL in the summer because it is the only time we CAN go. 

So we sit at the pool, alone, and laugh.  Because most everyone thinks we must be melting into the chaise loungers on the pool deck.  Only we AREN'T!  To be honest, there is a great sea breeze blowing right over us and sometimes when we get out of the pool it is downright chilly!  No, I'm not kidding!  And we love having the pool to ourselves.  Yeah, people come in for the 4th of July, but then we get the pool and beach back - all to ourselves.  It is beyond awesome!

We go on bike rides each evening.  We pull over on ocean front streets to watch the sunset.  We can ride after dark on the island (of Venice) because we practically have the whole island to ourselves!  We ride in the middle of the street sometimes, because we can.  We window shop the cute stores on Venice Ave. from our bikes.  We stop by the children's fountain to cool off and it is empty.  Just waiting for new customers. 

We cruise down to Sharkey's and walk the pier.  We could eat dinner there, too, if we wanted.  NO LINES!  What?  You don't believe me?  No waiting list at Sharkey's?  It's TRUE!  In fact, we can eat out every night and never experience a line!!!!  Crow's line.  Mi line.  Captain Eddie's....yep, no line.

When we left Greenville this year it was 105 degrees!  It could never get that hot in FL.  FL just produces a big thunderstorm and cools off.  Problem solved. 

I don't really know why I am telling you all of this.  If you really believe me you might head to FL next summer and ruin our deserted paradise.  So, uhhh, just forget all that stuff.  Here are some pictures of us having a miserable time in Florida this summer.  Did I mention how hot it was!?

Sunset over the south jetty
Chilling in our private pool

Drip castles on Siesta Key Beach


Jeanine said...

I can almost smell the salt water air :)

Carla said...

Stephen and I had a blast in Venice that year and its just like you described, keep it under wraps!
I love the Mouse House but not a great summer place. You guys need to plan a fall trip and maybe we could all go together.
With homeschool now you could do like us and go in Sept/Oct. Its great weather and the campground is absolutely wonderful!!! Our kids would absolutely have a ball, they are all about the same age, well except ittie bittie and we think she's just now tall enough to ride "Splash Mountain"!!!!Once she does that, its on!!!! LOL.
Loved the blog!

Marilee said...

Ah, I might be sneaking along with you next year!

Beadles said...

I love reading your blog. It always makes me smile. And when Ryan gets home I can tell him everything you posted - almost word for word. We are glad to be back in FL. Naples is wonderful but it isn't Venice. My heart will always belong to Venice.