Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lizards, Lizards, Lizards!

Andy has just brought in lizards number 7 and 8. I don't know how he catches these things! I am concerned that lizard number 7 will attack lizard number 8. Lizard 7 is a lot bigger. Last week I was prying the jaws of a large lizard off the neck of a smaller one. So far, we still have two unattached lizards. Andy is outside looking for more lizards. I am babysitting these for him, under strict orders not to let Natalie touch them!

Yesterday, when he caught lizard number 6, he made the mistake of letting Key hold it. As Key tried to put lizard 6 in the carrier he escaped. I have NEVER seen Andy so mad in my life! He was shaking like a leaf and redder than a beet! He sat up in the garden until we made him come in for bathtime. I told him that those lizards were on high alert and were in hiding. I promised that if he'd wait til today, he'd have much better luck. Looks like I was right!

Why does this kid love lizards so much and how does he catch them so easily?

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The McGee's said...

This is just too much of a hoot--Do you have them in a cage or something? I used to have some of those little green turtles (that they won't sell anymore)--fed them Vienna sausages and they got be monster turtles--Elma and Thelma!